Can You Name the International Version of These Common American Cars?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: Yorii01 via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

There are many different makes of cars found in the United States. 

Many of these models are marketed around the world and retain their names. Some, however, do not. They are not only marketed in places such as Europe, China, Japan, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand under different names but sometimes they are even made by different manufacturers!

And it works the other way around as well. In fact, in the 1970s and 1980s, many vehicles were first produced in Europe and then made their way to the United States as a different name model. For example, Ford's European division made many models for the European market that found their way back to the United States to be marketed there.

In some cases, different manufacturers in the United States received the rebadged version of the European car to market. It could even get a little confusing at times, as in the case of the Buick Isuzu Opel. That's three model names in one!

In this quiz, we want to test your knowledge of these various brands and their American counterparts. Let's see if you can identify the models that match. Some are easy and some are extremely difficult. Just take your time and trust your judgment.

Good luck! 

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