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"Friends" has gone down in history as one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. Even though it has been more than a decade since that tearful series finale, the show still remains hugely popular among viewers and continues to gain new fans all the time (thanks to those constant reruns, years on Netflix and now HBO Max). While the show was on air, viewers couldn’t help but fall in love with the amazing cast who’ve now been branded as being part of the famous "Friends" gang. Not only did they all have an amazing friendship on (and off) screen, but the show also spawned some of the most beloved television couples of all time, including Monica and Chandler! You’d be hard-pressed to find a "Friends" fan who didn’t love the pairing of these two characters.

Now let’s face it, "Friends" fans (myself included) love to show off how much they know about the show or how many times they’ve rewatched the series. So if you’re like me and consider yourself to be a diehard "Friends" fan, now is the time to put your memory to the test! Take this quiz and find out just how much you remember by answering these questions about Monica and Chandler’s relationship!

In season one, Chandler suggests the two of them could get together and have a baby if they are still single at the age of …

When Chandler suggests this, Monica wants to know why he thinks she won't be married when she's 40.


Why do Monica and Chandler hook up in the first place?

Chandler and Monica hook up after Monica's feeling sad about being confused for Ross’ mother.


Who suggests they move in together?

Chandler's the one who suggests they move in together after they get back from Las Vegas.


What season do they first hook up?

Monica and Chandler first hook up when the group travels to London in season four.


Who's the first friend to find out about their relationship?

Joey is the first one to learn about their secret relationship.


Why does Chandler want the Swing Kings at their wedding?

When he danced with her to their music, it was the first time he knew he wanted to dance all his dances with her.


Where do Monica and Chandler first meet?

Monica and Chandler are first introduced when Ross brings him home for Thanksgiving.


What weird fetish does Monica think Chandler has?

Monica walks in on what she thinks is Chandler "getting off" to a documentary about sharks.


Who do Monica and Chandler name their twins after?

They name their twins after Monica’s father and the twins' birth mother.


What are the names of the other couple they meet while on their honeymoon?

While on their honeymoon, Chandler and Monica befriend another couple named Greg and Jenny.


At Thanksgiving 1988, what does Judy call Chandler?

Judy calls Chandler “The Boy Who Hates Thanksgiving."


What does Chandler do that influences Monica's decision to become a chef?

Monica says, "OK!" when Chandler compliments her mac and cheese and says she should be a chef.


How does Joey find out about Monica and Chandler?

After a weekend away, Joey hears similar stories about each of their weekends, including the detail of a missing eyelash curler, and Joey puts it together.


Who suggests they get married in Vegas?

Chandler's the one who suggests they get married while on a lucky streak in Las Vegas.


Where do Monica and Chandler travel to see Chandler’s dad?

Monica and Chandler travel to Las Vegas to see Chandler’s father in season seven.


What's the reason they take a road trip to go see him?

Monica makes Chandler go see his father after he refuses to send him a wedding invitation.


What does Chandler tell Monica to cheer her up when Phoebe moves out?

Monica is upset about Phoebe moving out, so Chandler hugs her and tells her that she's one of his favorite people.


When's the very first time that Chandler says, "I love you" to Monica?

Monica puts a turkey on her head to cheer Chandler up after he learns why he lost part of his toe. Without thinking, Chandler says, "You are so great. I love you." He then tries to say he didn't say it. In a later episode, when he tells Phoebe why they can't hook up, he declares his love for Monica. He then tells Monica, "I love you, Monica."


What spooks Chandler right before their wedding?

Chandler disappears the night before their wedding after hearing them called 'The Bings' or some version of that throughout the evening.


What's Monica doing when she accidentally cuts off Chandler’s toe?

Monica tries to seduce Chandler, but she accidentally drops a knife on his foot.


When Chandler gives Monica a mixtape for Valentine’s Day, what song does she hope is on it?

Chandler gives Monica a mixtape for Valentine’s Day and she asks excitedly if the song "The Way You Look Tonight" is on it.


Which of these things is Joey NOT blamed for while hiding Monica and Chandler’s relationship?

Chandler accidentally kisses Monica in front of Phoebe and Rachel. He then kisses all of them to cover their relationship. Joey is expected to take the blame for the other things.


How does Rachel find out about their secret relationship?

Rachel overhears Monica making plans to sneak over and see Chandler.


Which one of these wasn’t a sign that Monica and Chandler should get married?

They never got a sign that involved a wedding cake.


When Erica first picks Monica and Chandler she thinks they are ...

When Erica first picks Monica and Chandler as adoptive parents it’s because she thinks they are a doctor and a reverend.


Why do Monica and Chandler adopt twins?

After trying with no success, Monica and Chandler find out they can't get pregnant, so they decide to adopt.


What movie does Chandler make Monica watch?

Chandler makes Monica watch "Miss Congeniality."


Where do Monica and Chandler buy a house?

In season ten, Monica and Chandler buy a house in Westchester County, New York.


Who almost gets in the way of Monica and Chandler getting engaged?

Richard almost ruins Monica and Chandler’s engagement.


While hanging out at the beach in season four, Chandler gives Monica a hypothetical situation for dating him. What is it?

Chandler asks Monica if she’d date him if there’s a nuclear holocaust and he’s the last man on Earth.


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