How Much Do You Know About Gun Laws in the United States?

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Gun laws in the United States of America are one of the most controversial and poorly-understood parts of the legal system. There are Federal rules, state rules, and then there's the much-misquoted Second Amendment. Some states allow concealed carry permits, while others do not. Some permit the ownership of high capacity magazines and automatic or semi-automatic weapons, while others do not. 

Ronald Reagan laid the groundwork for the 1994 assault weapons ban which since expired, with a proliferation of such weapons has resulted, with a gridlocked Congress seemingly unable to figure out what it wants to do next.

America's guns are owned by about a quarter to a third of its population, with 3% of Americans owning 50% of the guns. Most of these gun owners agree with non-gun owners that sensible regulation of the type commented on in the Second Amendment - which Justice Antonin Scalia would regularly note, frames gun rights in the context of "a well-regulated militia" - is probably a good idea. 

But in order for any consensus to be reached about what the rules should be, it's first important for people in the conversation to be pretty darn sure what the rules currently are! Let's find out how you fare on that complex subject.

Pistols are _____

True or False: State gun laws are all the same.

Firearm owners are subject to the laws of _____.

Which is more restrictive?

What is castle doctrine?

Washington, D.C. has its own ____

True or False: Gun laws apply to ammunition.

True or False: Magazines are legislated.

True or False: All states recognize other states' concealed carry permits.

How often do state gun laws legally contradict federal firearms laws?

Semi-automatic firearms are considered to be _____.

True or False: Gun laws can change.

How often is a woman shot by her romantic partner?

____ states have provisions in their constitutions similar to the Second Amendment​.

Which court case protected the right to bear arms?

In terms of gun violence, what is the deadliest city in the US?

How may states allow for concealed carry?

How many states allow for open carry?

Which are the most restricted weapons?

What do peaceable journey laws apply to?

True or False: All states require background checks.

When did homicide rates plunge in New York City?

What is "murder inequality?"

How many communities in the US are free of gun violence?

What percentage of annual gun deaths are suicides?

Smith & Wesson's M&P Shield is the country's_____ pistol.

Rifles are the _____ most popular gun in America.

Which are there more of in the US?

How many licensed gun retailers are in the US?

True or False: There is no record of gun ownership in Florida.

How many firearms are stolen in the US each year?

The lethality of a gun is governed by its _____ .

Where is the homicide rate the worst in Chicago?

What kind of rifle does a SWAT sharpshooter use?

What kind of gun does the FBI use?

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