World War II Airplanes! Are You Ace Enough to Take This Quiz?

By: Dyann Joyce
Image: Wiki commons

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It only took a few short decades for pilots to go from shooting a hand-held gun from the cockpit to launching missles, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and destroying cities with lethal bomb-drops. Do you consider yourself an Ace of World War II airplanes? Take this quiz to find out how good you really are!

What was the most iconic fighter of Great Britain in WWII?

What was the more common name of the Japanese Mitsubishi A6M fighter plane?

What was a ball turret on a bomber?

The Flying Tigers painted sharks teeth on the front of their planes, but what was a common motif of American bombers?

What famed group of airmen from Tuskegee, Alabama, earned a nickname due to markings on their planes?

During WWII, what was Russia's iconic fighter plane?

Bombers had escort fighters for part of their journeys, but when the fighters had to turn back due to lack of fuel, what was used to protect the bombers?

What was the common name given to the First American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Chinese Air Force in 1941-42?

What types of bombs were dropped over cities in Japan, for maximum damage of wooden structures?

What was the nickname of the prototype strategic airlift flying boat, designed and built by eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes?

How many in-flight kills were needed before a pilot would be called an “ace”?

What was the American long-range fighter plane that was named after a horse?

What type of bomber dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima?

With bombing runs by the Americans and British against the Germans being instrumental to the Allied victory, how many tons of bombs did the Allies drop during WWII?

Were helicopters used in WWII?

How did a German dive bomber, known for its distinctive sound made while diving in to drop its bombs, create the sound?

How many bombs were carried in a B-29 bomber?

While WWI biplanes had two sets of wings, what was the most distinctive double feature of some planes in WWII ?

What was the largest land-based transport plane that flew during WWII?

What was the nickname given to the engineless plane that the Americans used in WWII?

What weapons were on the P-51 Mustang?

Between 1942 and 1945, how many planes did the U.S. lose per day, on average?

What nickname was given by the Germans to the Russian 588th Night Bomber Regiment?

How many crew members were in a Lancaster bomber?

How many crew members were in a B-17 bomber?

What was the typical bomb load of a Lancaster bomber?

What was Germany’s largest bomber?

What was the name for what would have been Japan's largest bomber?

What was Russia’s largest bomber?

What was the first airplane to have a pressurized cabin?

What was the dominant mode of transportation for Allied airplanes in the Pacific Theater, prior to attacking targets in Japan?

What kept the mainland United States from being bombed during WWII?

What popular-yet-insane method did Allied pilots use to divert German V-1 missiles?

What was the largest U.S, transport plane of WWII?

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