Can You Match the NBA Player to Their Jersey Number?

By J.P. Naomi on June 21, 2018

About This Quiz

The play clock is running down. The crowd chants against you. De-fense! Bom, bom! De-fense! Bom, bom! From the 3-point line, you aim quickly and take your shot... did you make it? Well we're about to find out! Think you have what it takes to match these NBA players to their jersey numbers? Only the biggest of basketball fans will surely ace this quiz!

Of course we all know Larry Bird's number. Heck, we turned 33 years old and felt like we had a special bond with the legend himself! But how well will you do with other names, like Vince Carter, Wilt Chamberlain and Robert Parish? We hope you're up for this challenge! 

You see, some of them will be easier than others. Take Reggie Miller for example - he played 18 years with the same team! Impressive? Yes! But will you be able to impress us by telling us his jersey number? What about Jason Collins, who played for seven different teams during his NBA career? Think you can match the correct jersey number to the team that he played for? Those will be the more challenging ones! So, how well will you shoot?

It's time to find out! Step up to the foul line, and bounce that ball three times. Line up and best of luck. We hope you hit nothin' but net!

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