Your IQ Is 143+ If You Solve These Animal Vocabulary Puzzles

By Torrance Grey on May 15, 2018

About This Quiz

As you probably know, especially if you took animal biology or zoology classes in high school or college, there's a whole different vocabulary for describing animals and their properties. Sometimes, these terms refer to their special characteristics (only a horse has "withers," while insects have "antennae.") But there's also a special nomenclature for the males, females and young of different species. Sometimes, too, the names are shared by more than one species.
For example, you probably knew that cattle are called "bulls" when male, "cows" when female, and "calves" when young. But do you know which aquatic animal shares those names? And do you know which species has different names for its male young and female young? This isn't true of dogs or cats, but there is a kind of livestock animal for which we make this distinction. (Hint: It becomes important in racing). 

Perhaps you're a whiz at animal names and terms. So just to make things a little more complicated, we've "encrypted" the questions, to make them more like riddles. For example, that last phrase would read, "... T0 M4K3 TH3M M0R3 L1K3 R1DDL3$." Note to computer programmers: Yes, we know that's technically not "encryption." Sorry if we just made your brain hurt. To everyone else, good luck! 

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