You're a Baseball Genius if You Can Name All of These MLB Players!

By Mark Laufgraben on June 20, 2018

About This Quiz

CRACK! The sound a bat shattering against a hurled ball, then catapulted through the air with incredible velocity and scoreboard-pulverizing power. But baseball is so much more than these ephemeral moments. Baseball is a way of living, of building hit on top of hit, pitch on top of pitch, until the truly greats tower over the flashes in the pan.  For every game that ends in a blowout, there are dozens that are decided by a single run, a single pitch, a single amazing play.

And THAT's where STATS come in! Argue over a beer till you're blue in the face over who's the greatest hitter or the fastest runner, root root root for the Home Team all you like, but Stats don't lie. And you KNOW that. So you hoovered them all up, every name and every award, every triumph and every record. Every player from every age, from baseball's very dawn to the Modern Age, you know them all.

Or, so you think. Dare you face this challenge? Can you name these ballpark heroes and match them to the records they earned so dearly? We'll give hints to help you along, but at the end of the day, you're alone up there on the mound, and the count's 3-2. All eyes are on you, champ!

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