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General Trivia

Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Guess Which Harry Potter Tattoo Is Right for You
We want to know all about you, just like you know all about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Tell us exactly what we want to know, and we'll tell you which symbol, person, creature or quote you should have tattooed on your body. Do we have a deal?
Can We Guess Which High School Stereotype You Are?
If there is one thing we all remember about high school, it was all of the different stereotypes that everyone was boxed into. Which one was yours?
Can We Guess the Fast Food Restaurant That Matches Your Personality?
Whether you embody the slogan of "I'm Lovin' It" or you're all about the philosophy of "Live Mas", we've got an iconic fast food joint that you can really sink your teeth into.
Can You Get a Perfect Score on This Common Phrases Quiz?
If you're an avid listener of lingo, you won't have a problem scoring big on this quiz. It will be a piece of cake. It will be like taking candy from a baby. It will be like shooting fish out of ... you get the point. Go on, you can get a perfect score - it's a breeze.
What Underrated Piercing Should You Get?
Some things, like piercings, are so underrated that they are actually cool. After you take this quiz, we'll let you know which underrated piercing you should get the next time you go under the gun!
Can You Define These Fashion Terms?
Metallic lace, fashion faux pas no-no's, jabots and appliques are terms that shine in this quiz. Look for the patterns and find the common threads among these and other fashion terms and you should score big!
Can You Name All of These 1953 School Supplies?
We've come a long way in the world of education. Some of these 1953 school supplies may surprise you. Others you might still use today.
Can You Name These Southern Foods From an Image?
We can't promise you that you won't be hungry by the end of this quiz, but we can promise that we'll be extremely impressed if you know the difference between grits and polenta. Show us that you know the names of all these Southern foods in this quiz.
What Does Your Taste in Soul Food Say About Your Personality?
Soul foods have deep history, but they're also very delicious. We want you to tell us which ones you love and the ones you can't stand and we'll tell you what it says about you.
Can You Translate These Slang Words From the '70s?
Are you old enough to be hip to 1970s lingo? Or are you a millennial who finds '70s-speak delightfully retro? Either way, we've got a groovy quiz for you!
Can You Correctly Spell These Fashion Brand Names?
If you've made a hobby of buying designer items, we've got the perfect quiz for you today. Come show us that you've been buying the real stuff by proving you can spell the names of these popular fashion brands.
Answer These Questions and We'll Guess Which Junk Food Matches Your Personality
Your personality has as many ingredients as some of our favorite junk foods! After you tell us all about it, we'll be able to tell you which irresistible food matches you the best. Trust us - it's Fun-Yun!
Can You Pass This Basic 3-Digit Number Addition Test Without Using a Calculator?
Your teacher was wrong when she said you wouldn't always have a calculator - but she was right that you shouldn't need it!
Tell Us If You've Eaten These Foods and We'll Guess If You're a Baby Boomer
Do you remember Jell-O salads and Julia Child's French cooking? If so, you may be a boomer. Take this quiz to find out if we're right!
Can You Finish These English Proverbs?
Every language has its proverbs, and English is no different. Put your proverb skills to the test and see if you can finish these proverbs with this HowStuffWorks quiz!
Can We Guess If Your Personality Is More Blonde, Brunette or Red?
Hair colors have personalities too. Come find out whether you're the lightest, the darkest or something in between, in this fun quiz.
Can You Pass This SAT Vocabulary Drill Without Any Mistakes In 4 Minutes?
Do you face the prospect of a vocabulary quiz with trepidation (fear) or with hubris (excessive pride)? Whichever the case, we've got a quiz to test your language savvy! Try your luck now!
Can you guess the fast food restaurant from a few menu items?
Love it or hate it, we all have definitely eaten some fast food in our lives. Put your fast food knowledge to the ultimate delicious test with this oh so satisfying HowStuffWorks quiz!
If You Pass This Vocabulary Quiz With All Words That Start With 'S', You May Be a Genius
If you're a wordsmith, then you already know that the S section of the dictionary is one of the biggest. But do you know everything in it?
Can You Identify All of These British Candies from an Image?
Even an American with a seriously dedicated sweet tooth might not recognize the candies they eat across the pond. Take our quiz to see if you can name all of these British treats!