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General Trivia

Can You Ace This Beauty Mistakes Quiz?
Are you the beauty or the beast? It depends on how you apply your makeup! That's why you'll want to take this quiz - to remember those common beauty mistakes and banish them from your beauty routine forever. Be chic. Be sleek. Be the beauty you are with this quiz.
What Taco Bell Combo Are You and Your Significant Other?
Shall we compare thee to a Taco Bell combo menu item? Thou art more spicy, and healthier. OK, what about you and your romantic partner? Now we're in business! Which combo are you two? Find out with this quiz!
Answer These Kinky Questions and We'll Guess Your Ideal Haircut
Do you think that how you behave under the covers is related to your hair? How about you take this kinky quiz and we'll tell you what your ideal haircut is!
Can We Guess Your Eye Color Based on These Personality Questions?
Do you think we can figure out your eye color based on your personality? We do! Whether you are hazel or blue, your quirks and your traits will tell us what color eyes look back at you when you look in the mirror.
Which Fast Food Restaurant Is Your Spirit Animal?
A spirit animal links you to the natural world around you. A fast-food restaurant links you to delicious meals at a very reasonable price. Put them together, and we can tell you which fast food place is your spirit animal. Just take the quiz and see!
Tell Us If You've Eaten These Foods and We'll Guess If You're a '90s Baby
Every '90s kid was amazed by Dippin' Dots and intrigued by purple ketchup. Tell us what you thought of these '90s foods! We'll find out if you're really a '90s baby!
Can You Define All of These Cosmetics Terms?
Makeup is transformative, putting women - and some men - in control of their style and appearance. But do you know the tools, tricks, and types used in the trade? Take our quiz to prove your cosmetics IQ!
What's Your Spirit Food?
You probably know your spirit animal, but have you ever thought about your spirit food? Your spirit food is the food you are best represented by - it's the food that reflects your soul! Now, you simply must know what it is.
Can We Guess If You're High or Low Maintenance From This "Would You Rather" Quiz?
You probably have a sneaking suspicion that you are indeed a high or low maintenance woman but now you get the confirmation of your true amazing self with this quiz. Take it now!
Can You Pass This British General Knowledge Quiz?
Are you an Anglophile or a Britophile? Do you know the difference? If you consider yourself on par with the Brits, take this quiz to test your knowledge.
What Unusual Hair Color Matches Your Personality?
Crazy and unusual hair colors are definitely on trend, but which one suits your personality best? Find out if you are a soothing lavender or a quirky chartreuse with this quiz!
Do You Know the Definition of These 3-Letter Words?
The English language is full of many words big and small! Put your knowledge of some of English's smaller words to the test with this 3-letter word quiz!
Do You Know the British Words For All of These Common Items?
If you're an anglophile, you probably know what words the Brits use to refer to common items. We've prepared a list of 35 of them for you to test your knowledge.
How Much Do You Know About Carpentry?
If you love to work with your hands, carpentry just might be the career for you. This field is surprisingly broad, encompassing everything from furniture makers to home builders to handymen. Take our quiz to test your carpentry IQ!
Answer These Random Questions and We'll Try to Guess Your Ideal Haircut
Have an upcoming hair appointment and not sure which haircut to try out? Answer these random questions, and we'll try to guess your ideal cut!
Tell Us About Your Least Favorite Foods and We'll Guess Your Age
Some folks still like baby food! While it may not be your bag, telling us about the foods that make you turn up your nose will help us figure out your age!
Can We Guess Your Hair Color in 30 Questions?
Do you keep your hair natural? Did you find a favorite color that suits you better than the one you were born with? Or is your motto: hair today gone tomorrow? Find out if we can figure out what color your hair is!
Can We Guess Your Eye Color in 30 Questions?
Your eyes say a lot about you. Find out how much we know about you based on a few questions? Are we are spot on with your eye color or should try again? Take this quiz to find out if we are right!
Place These Foods in Heaven or Hell and We'll Guess Which Part of the US You're From
Are you from the south or do you hail from the Midwest, or maybe you hail from somewhere in between? Place these foods in Heaven or Hell and we'll tell you exactly where you're located in the US.
Answer These Questions and We'll Guess What Kind of Doughnut You Are
Donuts come in many shapes and sizes, and we're here to tell you which one you are today. Are you the kind that's glazed, frosted, sugared or something else entirely? Take this quiz to find out!