Can You Identify These UFC Fighters from an Image?

By: Olivia C
Image: Audience Network/WSB-TV/CNN via Youtube

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Touted as the "fastest growing sport in the world," mixed martial arts, or MMA, has been attracting many kinds of fighters from different fields of contact sports. Thus, you have your boxers, martial artists, wrestlers, and any other athlete into such similar discipline trying out MMA. While it originated in South America in another form, its popularity has garnered enough worldwide attention which legitimized MMA as a viable full-contact sport today.

In The United States, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, has been at the forefront of popularizing MMA as a legitimate sport in the US. And it has attracted a global mix of tough and competitive fighters from all over, from both genders. Yes, MMA is also an equal opportunity sport wherein women can excel as much as the men could. Way to go, MMA!

Today, we have so many MMA fighters who were once active in the UFC, fighting it out with each other at the famed Octagon, famous in other fields already. Some who are already famous in their own fields also tried to cross over here for another chance at fighting. And of course, there are the current fighters and champions of the UFC who draw in the crowds.

Think you can name these popular UFC fighters, former and current? Take a jab at it and find out!

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