Do You Really Know How to Pronounce These Brand Names?

By: Bambi Turner
Image: Porsche/Nike/Samsung/Kārlis Dambrāns via Wiki Commons/Ikea

About This Quiz

Global brand names have become a part of everyday life, so familiar to us that the names have become Americanized -- but when you're shopping for Samsung televisions, playing a Sega gaming system or comparing a Hyundai to a Chevrolet, how sure are you that you're actually pronouncing the names correctly? If you think you know how to say some of the trickiest brand names out there, take our quiz to show off your pronunciation skills!

We spend years in school memorizing grammar and spelling rules in our native language, but even people who get to study other languages rarely have the mastery of native speakers. Things get even trickier when it comes to brands, or even the names of individuals, as these words often don't follow basic language rules at all. That's why a brand that looks like it should be pronounced a certain way in English actually sounds nothing like you would expect in French, German, Italian on another language. Things like basic pronunciation rules, silent letters and unexpected emphasis or accents can trip up even the most well-intentioned speaker.

Think you can pronounce many of the world's trickiest brand names? Prove it with this quiz!

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