How Many of These Famous Race Cars Can You Name?

By: Jody Mabry
Image: Rick Dikeman/Marty B/Lothar Spurzem via Wiki Commons

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Racing cars was a natural thing that the first car manufacturers assumed would become an inevitable attraction. Humans love competition and speed and there are few things that put those two together better than car racing. From NASCAR to Grand Prix and Formula One, millions of people pack stands to watch their favorite racers go down the straight-away or around the track. 

While there was auto racing in the early 1880s, the first organized race took place in 1895 from Paris to Bordeaux, France, and back. It was 1,178 km long with an average speed of around 24.15 km/h. To put things into perspective, current stock car racing can range from 140 km/h to 320 km/h at Talladega. 

So, do you spend your weekends locked onto the TV to watch NASCAR? Do you know your drivers, their crew, vehicle numbers and sponsors as well as you know your children's names? If so, then this just might be the quiz for you. 

Can you identify Richard Petty's '70s car? Do you know which car Jimmie Johnson loved to drive? Do you know the difference between a 1957 Ford Fairlane and a '68 Ford Thunderbird? From American classics to the alluring Italian sports cars, this quiz has some of the coolest and sexiest cars to have ever hit a track. 

Take this quiz to see if you get the checkered flag!

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