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The World

How Well Do You Know English History?
English history is both fun and unique, but it can also be long and difficult. How much do you know about English history? Why not take this quiz and find out?
How Many U.S. State Capitals Can You Name in a 5 Minute Pressure Test?
Naming all of the state capitals in the United States isn't an easy task. There are 50 states, after all. Can you name them all? Take this quiz and find out!
Only 2% of People Will Ace This World Capitals Drill
Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Caracas. You might know your ABCs, but what about the world capitals? Tons of people might know capitals like Washington, D.C. and Paris, but only 2% of people will ace this world capitals drill!
Can You Get a Perfect Score on Today's World Geography Quiz?
How well do you know the world you live in? We'll test your knowledge of the countries, places and landmarks around the globe in this quiz, so pack your bags!
95% of People Can't Identify the War from an Image. Can You?
It seems wars have been a feature of human existence since the dawn of time. Some conflicts have erased entire civilizations while others have helped to shape great nations. If you are intrigued by the history of warfare, do you think you can identify each of these wars from an image? Take the quiz – your victory is at hand!
How Well Do You Know US Airports?
They're the place to go when you need to go overseas or get somewhere quickly. What do you know about America's airports? Take the quiz to see your score!
What Do You Know About the World's Least Populated Countries?
Forget about China, India and the United States! While it might be easy to remember the countries with millions and even billions of people, what do you know about the world's least populated countries?
What Do You Know About the World's Smallest Countries?
They're found all over the world, and across every continent. They may be small, but they play a big role in our world. Do you think you know all about the smallest countries around the globe? Take the quiz to see your score!
Can You Ace This Old Hollywood Trivia Quiz?
The actors and actresses from Hollywood's Golden Age have made enough history and memories for years to come. Do you think you remember this iconic time in cinema? Take the quiz to see your score!
Do You Know the Colonial History of Boston?
Boston was a city built by colonists looking for a new start. Do you think you know the history of how the city became what it is today? Take the quiz to find out!
Can You Pass a 1950s Trivia Quiz?
Movies, toys, fashion and the events that took place, the 1950s were an important time. Think you remember the decade and its ways? Take the quiz to see what you can score!
Only a Genius Can Pass This World History Quiz
History stretches back to the beginning of time. It has been filled with people, places and events that shaped the world as we know it. Think you're an expert on the history of our world? Take the quiz to find out!
How Much Do You Know About the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich?
Perhaps no other regime in history will ever be more infamous than that of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Test your knowledge of one of the darkest times in history with this HowStuffWorks quiz.
Which Canadian Province Best Fits Your Personality?
Canada is more than just a land of donuts and apologies! Each province has its own unique cultures that visitors fall in love with every day! Take our quiz to see which Canadian province your soul belongs in!
We Can Tell Where in the US You Grew Up Based on the Words You Use
The United States may be just one nation, but it contains regions with vastly different accents, priorities, and language. Take this quiz, and we'll guess where in the US you are from based on your choice of words!
Which Prehistoric Period Would You Be From?
Humanity's roots in prehistory affect every part of our lives, from the diseases we get to the technologies we value, to the cultures we create. Which prehistoric period would you be from?
Tell Us a Little About Yourself and We'll Tell You What Your 1637 Name Would Have Been
1637 was a year of great ups and downs. Tulip Mania gripped Europe in what would lead to the world's first speculative stock crash. The first opera house opened in Venice. The second Manchu invasion of Korea ended. In this chaotic time, what would your name have been?
Discover Your Greek Goddess Name!
The ancient Greeks' gods and goddesses were written like people. To the ancient Greeks, the gods were expressions of humanity taken to the extreme, making them gods of war, love, wisdom, and death. Take this quiz to discover your Greek goddess name!
How Old Is Your Spirit?
People are animated by more than just chemical reactions between proteins. We are made of stuff as old as the stars, and spirits that can go back centuries.