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The World

Where Is This City?
Metropolis! Cities are at the core of civilization, a word that itself refers to dwelling in cities. How well do you know the cities of the world? Let's see if you are a geographical master!
Can You Find These Major US Cities?
Geography was a really hard class but how well would you be able to identify some of the most popular cities? There is only one way to find out!
Can You Tell Us the State If We Give You Three Cities?
The people living in major cities define the way people see the whole surrounding area! So if we give you three cities, can you figure out which state we are talking about?
How Much Do You Know About These Famous Kings?
HAIL, MAJESTY! Inside these pages you will find scroll upon scroll of Royal personages, each of them a titan who stood astride the destiny of a nation. Dare you challenge our quiz?
What Do You Know About These Famous Queens?
God save the queen! These fierce, uncontrolled women were the mighty champions of their nations. Can you recognize these incredible queens from the images we have posted within?
Can You Identify The Country If We Show You Its Outline and Its Flag?
You probably know how diverse the world is, but it isn't more clear than when you see these flags and country outlines. See how well you know your geography with this quiz!
Can You Guess Where in the World These Images Were Taken?
From the tallest mountains to the most lavish temples, this quiz is bound to show you the best sights that the world has to offer. So fasten your seat belts and let's get to traveling!
Only a WWII History Buff Can Identify These Items from the War. Can You?
KEEP FIRING! On this quiz you will find some of the most critical weapons and pieces of equipment from WWII. Do you know enough to ID them? Get moving, soldier!
Which One of These Things Is Not Like the Others?
If we give you a short list of people, places or things, can you tell us which doesn't belong? If you think you can spot them, take our quiz to prove it!
Can You Name the State From 3 Visual Clues?
If you love America, whether you're from there are not, it's time to test how well you really know its states. Can you match these U.S. landmarks to the states they belong in?
Which Country Is Responsible for These Great Inventions?
Test your knowledge of the world and the brilliant minds that have existed throughout history. Get ready to invent some correct answers for this quiz!
Only 1 in 45 Americans Can Name These Lesser-Known Presidents from an Image. Can You?
These proud leaders saw our country through triumph and tragedy, but today few people can recognize their faces. Can you? Are you a master of presidential history?
Only 1 in 35 People Can Identify These Famous Works of Art. Can You?
Da Vinci, Van Gogh, and Michelangelo rank among the most celebrated artists of all time, but can you name their most famous creations? Take our quiz to find out!
Can You Tell Which Version of These Famous Images Is Real and Which Is Fake?
If you think you're a great world traveler or that you can recognize some of the most famous monuments on this planet, it's time to tell us which of these is the real thing and who's just pretending!
Only an Expert Can Identify All of These Trees from Around the World!
You may know all of the trees in your backyard, but what about these trees from all different corners of the world? Test your knowledge of pines, maples, figs and more with this foliage-filled quiz!
94% of People Can't Name All of These Combat Vehicles from an Image. Can You?
Can you tell one fully-loaded military machine from another? Take our quiz to see how much you know about the most advanced tanks, copters and aircraft on the planet!
Are You a U.S. History Expert? Find Out by Taking This Quiz!
From long before the arrival of the Mayflower to the present, U.S. history has been one of the most intriguing chapters in the history book of the world. If you consider yourself to be a true-blue expert on the subject, do you think you can correctly answer ALL of these items about U.S. history? Time's a-ticking, so take the quiz now!
How Well Do You Know European Countries and Capitals?
There are 50 countries on the continent of Europe, 28 (for now) of them European Union members. Let's see how you do at matching the nation state to the correct capital city!
Can You Pick the Body of Water That Borders the Country?
There are 195 countries, and while not all of them have a water border, most do. Can you tell us which ocean, river, lake, gulf or sea surrounds which nation?
Where Am I In the World?
The world is a big place, and it can be very easy to get lost. How well do you know some of the most popular places in the world? Take this quiz to find out!