Toyota or Chevy: 90% of People Can't Correctly Identify the Make of These Vehicles. Can You?

By Craig on June 21, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you an all-American gearhead, or do you prefer the relentless efficiency and economy of the cars made under the flag of the Rising Sun?  This quiz will test your ability to tell the products of Louis Chevrolet's noble enterprise against the postwar success story that is automotive and heavy equipment titan Toyota. Put on your seatbelt, adjust your mirrors, set the radio to your favorite station and take to the road with our Toyota vs. Chevy quiz!

Did you know that Chevrolet was behind one of the first big hostile takeovers in American business history? Louis Chevrolet founded the Chevrolet Motor Car Company with William C. Durant, the recently ousted president of General Motors Corp.  Once Chevy took off, Durant used the company to buy up enough General Motors stock to propel himself back into the leadership of General Motors. And you thought corporate takeovers were invented in the '80s!

Toyota has a far more placid history, being started by Kiichiro Toyoda as an offshoot of his dad's Toyoda Industries. After a couple of decades of successes and failures in Japan, Toyota brought his cars to American shores. When the oil crises of the '70s drove people to seek better mileage, the previously ridiculed Japanese "box" cars took a huge share out of the market and never looked back.

So, which is your favorite? Do you know enough about it to tell it from the other? Try the quiz!

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